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Where I grew up

I have been very lucky to travel to and experience some absolutely beautiful parts of these great and grand United States. None of those places hold a deeper place in my heart than SW Oklahoma, my home. I like to think of this place when I think of Woody Guthrie singing “This Land is Your Land”.

Many people think of SW Oklahoma as nothing but expansive farm land. For the most part they are correct. When I was a child I spent a lot of time at local harvest festivals. My hometown had an annual Peanut Festival. However, Not all of SW OK is dedicated farmland. There is an absolutely amazing geological outcrop of granite called the Wichita Mountains (“wich-uh-taw” which is the Okie way to say it.) just west of where I grew up. This is such a beautiful place and I love going back and hiking the landscape and making photos. It always seems to put my head in the right space.

The Native Americans held this place sacred and special. It’s the kind of place where legend and spirits abound. Geronimo and his band of Apache heros roamed these same mountains. The sacred cedar trees dot the landscape and if you listen closely to the wind you can hear the history of outlaw cowboys and hidden confederate gold. It’s said that Jesse and Frank James hid out among the granite boulders, and left behind still unfound treasure. Yesterday afternoon I traveled to the Wichitas and spent some time. It is usually very empty on weekdays so I had the run of the place. Other than the friendly longhorn steer, mellow bison, that now roam the free range, I enjoyed some solitude. 


My hometown is just on the horizon in the above photo. 



Vernon @ GRPFLY

Vernon is the man behind the GRPFLY brand. We had the opportunity to do some portraits this past weekend. He has some amazing plans in the works for OKC and I am excited to see things grow for his business. It’s going to be really good for OKC fashion. As they say at GRPFLY “Fly or die!”


West Texas Stadium

There is always a romantic loneliness in the architecture of West Texas. It may be the cowboy ethos or the puritan sensibility of the people, I don’t know. It’s something I am attracted to. There are so many places like this and the stoic nature of this image coveys a quiet and peace… and how about that “G”? Yes! This image also reminds me of my childhood watching “Wheel” at my grandmothers.



Futurism at ORU

In the early 1960′s the televangelist Oral Roberts had a revelation from God that he should build a university founded upon the Holy Spirit in Tulsa Oklahoma. Obviously God has super hip taste in architecture. This place is like no other in Oklahoma and a part of only a few left in the United States. Tulsa futurist architect Frank Wallace designed the buildings on the campus which is located on the southern edge of Tulsa. I had only been here once before but found myself passing near ORU a couple of weeks ago. I took the opportunity to grab some shots around campus. I expected to see George Jetson zooming by at any moment. Very weird, very impressive.


Boston Avenue Methodist Church

If you have ever been to Tulsa you have probably noticed this art deco gem. It’s the Boston Avenue Methodist Church. It a certain time of day it is absolute perfection to photograph.


Guadalupe River

In Austin they say Gwad-a-loop… oh Texas!



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